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about us

Founded in January 1987 to provide technical assistance in the electronics field started by year’s end marketing UPS and voltage stabilizers.

In late 1987 expanded the scope by selling, installing, servicing and maintaining telecommunications equipment and solutions.



Our mission is to provide and continuously improve the conditions of well being and safety in public and private spaces;
A constant concern in energy saving;
The development of the communication and information channels in the society;

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…following and anticipating its growing importance.
It is also part of our Mission, to provide to clients solutions according to their expectations:
– Convenient, easy and always innovative Communications;
– Home Automation for improved Quality of Life;
– Security, wherever they are, always under control;
– Sound and TV technologically evaluated;
– Control and Energy saving.



Tecnicontrol aims to be a company of reference in its activity fields. Realizing the potential of a world connected “in network”, safer and “greener”.



Trust relationships with all partners (staff, clients, suppliers, entities)
– Professionalism, accuracy and technical competence
– Maximum quality of products and solutions


“Be welcomed” and “We hope to see you again” – Quality Management as competitive advantage in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty..

Certificates and Qualifications

We count at this time with an array of certifications and formal recognitions of qualifications and skills, with which our partners have distinguished us over the years.


There are some companies or entities with which we develop partnership relations, offering special conditions.

Technical Consulting

Having as its starting point the customer requirements as well as the legal requirements, we provide specialized technical advice that will aim to always add “VALUE for the customer” to the solution to develop, such as increase productivity or increase the security level on the asset or business.

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There is an immense diversity in useful equipment for our life. Nowadays, these devices are carriers of enabling technologies for various activities, so have become so essential and accessible to everyone, whether for a home or as an investment for the company.

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At Tecnicontrol, a Solution is embodied in the desired installation by trained technicians, in permanent training, and using appropriate resources and logistics for the execution of a quality service.

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24/7 Technical Support

We provide a permanent Technical Assistance Service, accessible by phone and by e-mail, including, if necessary, site visits where the equipment is installed, for diagnosis and repairs.

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The electricity is now an “essential good “, being inconceivable to live without it. However, in order to consider it for granted, many equipment are used to produce and condition energy so that it can be enjoyed safely.


Equipment and applications that allow the connection through a transmission channel between two or more players and enable the sending / receiving of information, according to a set of predefined rules with knowledge of those involved, these are considered communications equipment.


Safety is an ongoing concern today, 24 hours a day, and we want to make sure that we are safe at any time and that we have it under control anywhere.














Sound system is the name used to designate speakers, amplifiers and music sources, choosing the desired type of system depends on the type of space to vocalize and also the type of application.


TV means any technology, equipment and networks used for the reception, processing and distribution of television signals.

Home Automation

The purpose of Automation is that the functions of all electrical and electronic equipment in the room or building are possible to control and automate locally or remotely, through an integrated system.

brands we work with

UTC Fire and security
General Cable
GE Digital