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our path

Founded in January 1987 to provide technical assistance in the electronics field started by year’s end marketing UPS and voltage stabilizers. In late 1987 expanded the scope by selling, installing, servicing and maintaining telecommunications equipment and solutions.

Certified by Anacom (eg. ICP) in 1989 as a company qualified for installation and maintenance of telecommunications networks and systems.

In 2001 extended its range of products and services in the fields of security, video surveillance, access control, TV, sound, structured communications networks and home automation.

Obtained the status of Certified Installer in 2003 for networks structured materials (copper and optical fiber) from the manufacturer Nexans. In 2004 obtained the Certification of the Quality Management System according NP EN ISO 9001:2000 and in 2005 obtained the status of Certified Installer for networks structured materials (copper and optical fiber) from the manufacturers Panduit and General Cable. In 2006 obtained from the Institute of Construction and Property (INCI), the Building Permit for the 1st, 7th, 8th and 15th sub-category of the 4th category.

In 2007 obtained an Award of the status of Competence Center Sorhea for Portugal, an European leader in the manufacture of active infrared and microwave barriers. Update of the NP EN ISO 9001 to the 2008 version. Distinguished by the IAPMEI in 2009 with the PME Lider status, recognizing the good performance of its management practices. In 20019 received a certification by ANACOM of Responsible Technicians for ITED and ITUR.

Registered in 2012 in ANPC as a certified company for selling, installation and maintenance of FSB (Fire Safety in Buildings) products and equipment.

Relocate premises and headquarters to Olhão in 2013. Registration at the Directorate of Public Security Police for Surveillance Systems Installation. Corporative image change in 2014. 

In 2015 obtained the status of Certified Installer for networks structured materials (copper and optical fiber) from the manufacturer Brand-Rex. Opening of the Madeira Branch. Registration at the Directorate of Public Security Police as a certified company for design, installation, maintenance and technical assistance to products and devices for Security Alarms, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Alarm Signals Control.

History Logo Progression

We already count more than 35 years of activity, full of stories, experiences, contacts, performed services, satisfaction smiles and sincere handshakes given and taken, all of this resulted and continue to be translated into recognized competence in the market and an accumulation of hiking partners.
Many paths were taken and all resulted in some way of learning. There were many sources of knowledge that contributed at some point, for the WHOLE we are today.
The Partners keep with us, the team that believes persists, the will refreshes itself, the vision is attentive and updates at the speed of technological change which our century witnesses.
The Identity, that remains. And the horizon is the limit!

The beginning

Tecnicontrol 1 logo

The initial logo, dated 1987, was composed only of lettering and the ” spark ” was intended to connect the name to the area of activity, and the colors that composed it, the blue indigo and scarlet, immediately revealing the positioning concerns the undertaking the marke: to be understood as a reliable company with strength and race and of course, technically competent.

The affirmation

Tecnicontrol 2 logo

In 1990 the initial graphics underwent a significant change, “winning” a red outline, adding to the initial identity a kind of “stamp”, a strengthening of security assurance on the mark.

The evolution



Tecnicontrol 3  logo

This logo was a natural evolution and has been completely revamped in 1996 and then “professionalized“ on the lettering, also containing a sphere with the same spark symbolizing the universal energy. This update of the corporate image intended to make a two-dimensional logo and reinforce the idea of movement and overall, while remaining true to its principles and its genesis: electric power.
Arose when it began to be generalized the concept of “global village” and that we are part of a “global whole” in which TECNICONTROL called himself an active participation, contributing with communications solutions to itself and its customers, greater integration in the ” global community”

The globalization

Tecnicontrol 4 logo

After nearly three decades, and keeping as “starting point” and the two-dimensional sphere present in the previous corporate image , the new image appears now to a less central plan showing maturity and uses ellipses continuous and growing socks to communicate a dynamic , comprehensive attitude and in constant motion, such as the market and all its stakeholders require today.
The sphere, now in shades of red that while remaining advances and dilute the power of the color orange symbolizes the rejuvenated company, capable, creative and energetic, while preserving the values of the initial scarlet: strength, race and competence.
The blue indigo , also still present, now becomes a gradual falling tone of a more cohesive blue and expanding the surroundings , revealing serenity , optimism and security in a broad vision and a commitment of trust , integrity and reliability.
The objective means achieved with this new image: We have renewed, to remain faithful to ourselves.

The renovation

Tecnicontrol logo

In 2022, celebrating 35 years, the graphics underwent great significant changes, keeping only the two-dimensional sphere in the “i” symbolizing universal energy.

The new logo presents a simpler and clearer image, continuing to reveal maturity and fidelity to its principles: Energy.

We return to the red tone that symbolizes passion, energy, strength and gray tones that represent harmony, balance and seriousness.