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quality and innovation


“Be welcomed” and “We hope to see you again” – Quality Management as competitive advantage in Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

Although we are a company with its Quality Management System certificated according to ISO NP EN ISO 9001 since 2004, we are aware that markets are constantly evolving and changing, and competition definitely happens on a global scale, especially in the sector of provisioning services involving technology.

To meet the growing requirements of customers who increasingly hold more and better information, we try to answer your needs today.

Our goal? Having a returning Customer, Quality of course, but not only.

We want you to get Value from the acquisition.

How? By including these two key ingredients (Quality and Value) in all services and products sold.

Because our customer is not satisfied with less than quality, realizing and recognizing beyond that, the total service value we provide.

We know that a client “just” satisfied, does not mean that a next time do not engage in another offer instead of ours. “Because it is cheaper ” or ” because it is different “…

We want our customers “more than Satisfied”! Satisfaction, Quality, Loyalty, Value, are priorities that are the basis of our organizational concerns, not only because they keep us in the market, but because we keep on deserving market customer TRUST, from whom recognizes the Value and recommends us.

It is like this, since 1987.

Quality means doing what is right when no one is looking. Henry Ford


What do we want from a Supplier? The answer is easy: Everything. And at the same time.

We want high quality, to receive the ordered quantity, terms of delivery accomplished and the lowest price. So we have a Supplier.

But once we take the decision on what to buy, the second most important decision concerns to identify the right provider to make the purchase.
A good supplier is one that has the technology to manufacture the product as required (or represents such a manufacturer/brand), has the ability to produce/supply the required quantities and can manage his business with sufficient efficiency to take profits and still sell a product at competitive prices. So we have a Preferred Supplier.

However, the main point to be considered on a company’s relationship with its suppliers is mutual trust. Only then can be achieved lasting and beneficial relationship for both parties.
But confidence is priceless. Trust cannot be bought. Trust is worked and achieved; it’s a relationship that takes time to be established. So we have a Partner.


We can say that in Tecnicontrol, our range of potential suppliers is extended, suppliers are carefully selected and evaluated periodically. This performance is reported and verified and improvements requested when necessary.
Again, our perspective on this issue is constructive. Contrary to common practice, which only alert providers when there is something to correct or point, Tecnicontrol is the first having the pleasure of also “congratulating” all suppliers whose assessment has been exemplary.

This happens, because we understand that good performance should also be recognized. Should also be reported. Should also be congratulated.

The opposite is also nevertheless true. We count at this time with an array of certifications and formal recognitions of qualifications and skills, with which our partners have distinguished us over the years.


Because we actually provide you the technology you need to find your security and wellness solution, and effective innovation by the commitment that, together , we will do for everybody, always a little more.

At the right measure. According to your specified needs, no more and no less.

We want to do it also not only better, but different from the others.

Do it better and different technologically, technically, and in all aspects concerning relationships created not only commercial, but also professional and human.

We are in your project, at your side, yesterday, today and always available 24/7, because this is not only our way of being, as fundamentally, is the way we are as an Organization.

The renewed signature TECNICONTROL underlines the obvious. Technology, of course will affect innovation. INNOVATION in TECNICONTROL is part of everybody’s job. But, when it comes to innovation, is there actually a commitment to Innovate?

In the business world, we hear the word INNOVATION all the time , mainly because innovation is directly related to competitive advantage, and that is what any organization always seeks , demonstrating that demand much more, in difficult times. Where to find this competitive advantage can be the difference between staying or perish.

Most people see INNOVATION as a rare event. Most business think to be innovative because are introduced some improvements here and there. But INNOVATING truly is much more than that, say the experts in the field and we reiterate it. In fact, innovation is a set of small steps which cumulatively lead to a radical change of posture of an organization, both internally and to the outside.

Innovation may be, but not limited to, find a new way of doing things, all things, every day. So it happens by doing today better than yesterday, just by introducing something different, in content, form, resources.

So then we have innovated, ever. One step at a time, with seriousness and sense of responsibility, towards the market, towards the partners and towards ourselves.

Simply put, we can identify four types of innovation that we recognize and develop having results to this date that fill us with pride, and indicate that we are on the right track:

Technological Innovation

We included here two types of innovation: in products and processes, meaning it happens with the introduction of a good or service that is new or significantly improved respecting its features or functionality . This includes significant improvements in technical specifications, components and materials, incorporated software, user interface or other functional characteristics.

Organizational Innovation

Is the implementation of a new organizational method in business practices , work organization or external relations. Organizational innovation may be aimed to increase the performance of a company by reducing administrative and transaction costs, improve conditions in the workplace (and thus labor productivity), acquire access to non- taxable resources (such as decoded knowledge) or reduce supply costs.
The distinguishing features of an organizational innovation in a company consist (for example) on the implementation of an organizational method, that has not ever been used by the company.

Marketing Innovation

Implementation of new marketing methods, involving significant improvements in product design or packaging, price, distribution and promotion.
A marketing innovation is intended to make the company get orientated towards consumer needs, opening new markets or repositioning on the market the product of a company with the aim of increasing the company’s sales.
Source: Oslo Manual, 3rd Edition (2005 ) . Guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data.

The TECNICONTROL did and does different

– We were one of the pioneers in Algarve in the installation of communications solutions and electricity when the market in the 80´s was nearly untouched and only the Incumbent Operator and some (very few) Large Companies provided it ;

– When companies in the same industry, were concerned about ” playing all the instruments at the same time,” we grow the internal structure and created specialized departments by area, creating an organizational design with a specialized functional structure and immediately effective;

– We create solutions “united” by a full-service , integrated solutions, tailor-made for each project;

– Our corporate culture includes practices for continuous training of employees , encouraging and favoring the conservation of the team (our staff has an average time of “seniority” of 8 years, and more than half of employees has more than 10 years of being part of this “home” (noting that this average considers all the team, meaning that includes the recent entries at commercial and marketing departments, following the strategic decision to enhance greater proximity through closer communication);

– We have introduced management systems for general production by adopting integrated management systems of all activity.