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The permanent protection of people, goods (including information) and facilities is growing and cross in society, applying to activities such as restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, shops, institutions and individuals.

Safety is an ongoing concern today, 24 hours a day, and we want to make sure that we are safe at any time and that we have it under control anywhere.

The integrated solutions available are designed and programmed to respond exactly to the concerns of each case, and accessed according to the decision of each user.

We can talk about video cameras, access control systems (residences, buildings or entities), intrusion detection systems, fire, flood and gas.

The security solution is more effective if designed contemplating immediately deterrent devices and not just the detection and rapid action on the threat already underway.

We design, with you and according to your needs, security systems that will allow you the management, protection and overall safety of buildings and people with regard to their integrity, access and circulation, and this can be done from any mobile device, anywhere regardless of their location.


These solutions can be useful and applied to any market sector: industrial and service companies, public entities, commercial or residential spaces.
Video Surveillance is useful in order to safeguard what is most precious to people whether in restaurants, schools, factories, shops and other activities and organizations as well as individuals, are increasingly using the various solutions available.
An access control can be useful for any company wishing to have a strict control of all access to the company, in a hotel for the control and restriction of undue guest access, or in a house for restricting access to entry private areas.


Having an intrusion detection (commonly known as alarm) or fire detection systems in your company, institution or home, allow you to, in addition to effective security, have control over alerts whenever there is some movement or intrusion in the premises and have an anticipated and immediate action in case of fire, flood, gas leak or other risk situation.
Video surveillance systems allow for the detection and a faster response, prompting almost immediately for any abnormal situation or allowing, in more evolved systems, remote online communication with the “intruders”; implementation costs are reduced; remote monitoring can be performed from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection; total security is assured because encryption techniques in digital images are used and the interoperability with other systems allows for the profitability of the investments.
Having an access control in your business, hotel or home is synonymous of safety and supervision as it allows to restrict access to certain areas only to authorized persons and control software allows you to monitor, for example, where there are doors open, which was last person entered, how long did he stayed in a certain room, how many people and who specifically entered there, etc.


An intrusion detection system consists of peripheral devices placed strategically in order to detect motion and alert the owner that something not intended is happening at some locations. Additionally, gas, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide leaks can be detected, as well as flooding, the technical alarms.
Alerts can be given in various ways: alarm central stations, GSM, SMS, phone call, etc.

  • Active Infrared and microwave barriers
  • Intrusion Detection Systems


In the case of a fire detection system, it continuously scans for signals indicative of fire, having devices which, by detecting a signal / risk of fire, may automatically activate extinguishing mechanisms by launching water, foam or gas.
Additionally, gas, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide leaks can be detected, as well as flooding, the technical alarms.
Alerts can be given in various ways: alarm central stations, GSM, SMS, phone call, etc.

  • Flood Detection
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • CO Detection

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance is the solution for remote monitoring of spaces, since it allows to view and record images of these spaces permanently.
Using the IP technology, users can access and manage video, audio and data over a single network, accessible anywhere in the world. The visualization of images can be done on computers, iPads and cellphones, by simply having access to the Internet.

  • CCTV Servers
  • Analog and IP Cameras
  • Monitors
  • CCTV Management and Control Software

Access Control

An Access Control System aims to constrain and restrict access and movement of people within a protected area, whether it may be an office, an industry, or a commercial establishment with shared public areas. There are several devices on the market that allow controlled access of persons using biometric and / or proximity and / or alphanumeric keypads, linked to turnstiles, barriers, automatic gates, etc.

  • Access control systems
  • Energy Management
  • Parking Car Control
  • Identification Terminals
  • POS Identification Terminal

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