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The sound is physically a wave (or set of waves) propagating in the air with a certain frequency. If the frequency of these waves is in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, the human ear is able to vibrate at the same rate, capturing this information and producing neural sensations to which the human being gives the sound name.

Then we talk about sound system, applicable to your home, promoting the environment that you want anywhere in the room.

Or consider the professional sound systems where the available solutions are equally diverse and technologically amazing, being able to create different environments in different parts of the same physical space, inducing states of mind, or disposition on users to take this or that action that interest to your business.

Imagine a gym, a spa, a store in a shopping center … with…no sound…

Sound system is the name used to designate speakers, amplifiers and music sources, choosing the desired type of system depends on the type of space to vocalize and also the type of application.


It is used in offices, shops, churches, hospitals, auditoriums, buildings, homes, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, spas, nightclubs, bars and even in major industries.


Both customers and employees enjoy a more attractive and pleasant experience with the existence of sound witch, at home, allows the creation of suitable environments for every occasion.


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