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The safety of people and goods is a topic of increasing concern to the society.

In fact, in order to safeguard what is most precious to them, restaurants, schools, factories, shopping and other activities and entities and individuals are increasingly turning to the various solutions available, aiming to protect and control procedures, infrastructures and facilities.

With the flexibility afforded by the so-called new technologies, demand for security solutions has increased in recent years.

Video cameras can be an advantage with respect to control situations such as robberies or assaults and should be used for such purposes.

The access control systems allow you to make the management of a building, controlling its users, restricting their access to certain sites and record their movements, with the basic objective to control who is allowed to be at any given time in a given location.

The detection of intrusion, fire, flood and gas should be performed using dedicated detectors. This detection is usually performed by a central receiving the information from the various types of detectors and acting accordingly.

The fundamental characteristic of any detection is that it should be as early and quickly as possible, so that any active evacuation and/or action plan can be put on the move.

In the specific case of intrusion, detection systems should privilege detection devices that activate deterrence, i.e. that scare off intruders to keep them at a distance before they can vandalize property or assaulting people.

The ultimate goal of security systems intended to be the management, protection and overall security of buildings and persons with regard to their integrity, access and circulation.