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TV means any technology, equipment and networks used for the reception, processing and distribution of television signals.

The Greek “tele” – and far from the Latin “visione” – view, TV is an electronic system of image and sound transmission instantaneously.

Television is today, an almost first- need service. Indeed, no one nowadays can dispense it, either because it is a prime source of information, and both for their unique ability for entertainment, communication and advertising.

The latest technologies in this area already allow the networks to “speed”,” to compress” and deliver higher bandwidths, inviting the dissemination of more and more channels, interactivity and new public and private services. Appropriate technology is undoubtedly one of the most important enablers of the movement “triple play”.

The existing solutions for wireline and TV, although they exhibit different requirements because typically start from different points of origin, have similar challenges in the identification, acquisition and implementation (and integration with existing networks, where applicable) of the platforms appropriate to enable the triple play offer.


They are used in offices, shops, churches, hospitals, auditoriums, buildings, homes, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hotels, spas, nightclubs, bars and even in major industries.


With TV systems the entire world is at your fingertips through the “magic window” that is the TV set, allowing interaction when it comes to IPTV systems which allow access content also in mobility, on PC, iPad, mobile phone; is the excellence media for information and audiovisual entertainment.

Both customers and employees enjoy a more attractive and pleasant experience with the existence of sound witch, at home, allows the creation of suitable environments for every occasion.


(Internet Protocol Television)


(Master Antenna Television System)


(Satellite Master Antenna Television System)


(Cable Antenna Television System)

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